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Sara & Jack Civil Ceremony

Ceremony: Taxodium Lawn, Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne

Reception: The Terrace, Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne

February 2017

It was in the year 2010 when this handsome groom was shown a picture of this vision in white by their mutual friend Jinny. Sara stepped out of her comfort zone and effectively made the first move – she added Jack on Facebook. So I guess we can say the start of a soon-to-be beautiful relationship was via Facebook messenger on their desktop computers as the mobile app we use today did not exist back then.

As Jack was driving Sara home from one of their first movie dates, he pointed out where he and his cousins lived previously. They quickly discovered that Sara is friends with half of Jack’s cousins who attended the same primary school and high school and had the same piano teacher. They even discovered they went to the same primary school.

One of the sweetest things that Jack has done for Sara is when she went to work in Hong Kong for a few months in 2013, he made her a little diary. The diary contained pictures of their moments together and he also wrote little messages on the anniversary days so she could use the diary every day and be reminded of their love despite their distance.

The moment Jack knew when Sara was the one he wanted to spend the rest of his life with was when she went on the Hong Kong secondment because he missed her everyday. However, he wanted his proposal to wait until he felt he was ready to look after her, a few months after they’d bought their first home together. Before they flew to Korea in 2015 for a holiday together where Jack was planning to propose, Jack called Sara’s dad to receive his blessing. Jack didn’t really have a plan per se but thought he wanted to propose at Seoul Tower because it was the highest point, in the city of love and they could have the city view and so forth. However, this changed because it didn’t feel personal as it was so crowded.

Luckily, on their walk toward the tower, Jack spotted a nice wall with a mural painted of someone proposing which he filed away in his thoughts for a potential plan B proposal. After they left Seoul Tower, they walked back towards the mural wall but then it started pouring rain. They ducked for cover as they zig-zagged their way down the mountain. Jack was taking his time, claiming his ankles were sore, but moreso worried they had passed the mural. Oblivious to his intentions, Sera was already over the rain and just wanted to go back to their hotel and was happy to run straight home. When they agreed to finally move, Sera just bolted off. She soon realised Jack wasn’t behind her, but was calling her from afar back and saw a shadow of Jack half on the floor.

Jack was down on one knee and proposed with a speech he had lovingly prepared. However, Sera was so shocked that the speech went over her head and she was more concerned that the ring wasn’t the right size. So after she accepted, she then asked him to repeat the speech. But due to his dislike of repeating himself, Jack refused.

Jack officially asked Sera out in January 2011, therefore they chose a wedding date close to their 6-year anniversary to share this momentous occasion with their loved ones.

**All images above were taken by Truprotography (Leslie is one of my favourites who I have worked with multiple times! Scroll down to grab his details)

Amazing 1 minute sneak peek video of Jack and Sara's Love Story by the lady genius Burgess videographers - I love watching all their videos

***Was so thrilled that this gorgeous couple and talented vendors were featured in Melbourne Wedding and Bride!


Photography: Leslie @

Videography: Annette & Dani @

Florist: Graham @

Reception Venue: The Terrace @

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