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Jenny & Kai Civil Ceremony

Ceremony and Reception: Manningham Function Centre, Doncaster

November 2016

Jenny and Kai met in 2006 while studying at Monash University together. Their friend zoning continued as they graduated on the same day in 2008, and only saw each other at mutual gatherings at the Pharmacy Balls or Ondergronds birthdays. Then they started meeting up more. They upgraded from texts and Facebook Messenger to phone calls but Kai didn’t want to call her every night because he would look too keen. So he called every second night.

Kai booked dinner on October 25 2013 at that great restaurant Gingerboy. Kai told Jen, ‘You make me happy and I want to make you happy. I want be your boyfriend and take care of you.’

The next few years consisted of getting to know each other even better, and lots of dating adventures. Kai and Jenny’s hobbies together are eating and exploring the world. They both love food and even travel to Sydney to indulge in fine dining. Jen typically takes all these photos of their food and Kai has learnt that he is not allowed to even touch the food until she is done with the photos from all angles. They have travelled to Bali, Sydney and New Zealand together, just because. Together, they share a love for exploring new places. Jen has always loved baking; therefore Kai has learnt to bake as well.

There is always lots of laughter and joy between this lovely couple. ‘Everything she does, I just laugh – as soon as I hear her giggle, I just smile because I know my day is just better with this person in my life. Even if she is giggling at me - I can have the worst day and just listen to her giggle,’ Kai says.

So on the 24th of October 2015, a dinner date was organised at the same restaurant Gingerboy where he asked her out. They sat by the window seat and told the waiter to take a photo of them (but really Kai had organised for them to take a video). On the other side of the window, stood Kai’s cousin holding a banner that read – Will you marry me. Jenny was oblivious and thought she was just taking a photo so naturally she was posing. But she found that everyone was staring at them and pointing so she started to get annoyed because she didn’t want the crowd to distract her posing. But then Kai stood up, walked to kneel beside her, and proposed. Jen said… yes.

I met Jen in 2009 when we were studying in Bendigo together, and we have been good friends ever since. I have always loved and admired Jen’s spirit, kindness and ability to make me laugh. Jen, I cherish all of our B-town memories so much and words cannot express how much I adore you, and how happy I am that you found your Spiderman/Superman/Batman/Ironman/Spider killer and most importantly, the love of your life.

**All images here were taken by White Heights Media.


Photography: White Heights Media @

Videography: Y.N Pro @


Bridesmaids - Julie Hui MUA @

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