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Angelina & Alan Civil Ceremony

May 2019

This is a tale of high school sweethearts who first met as Year 8 students at a location responsible for many love stories – Playtime at Highpoint. It was a weekend, so we know they weren’t wagging school that day. Angie and Alan knew of each other through mutual friends, as they attended brother-sister schools. Alan found Angie to be really cool, but Angie says that Alan was nerdy with his long hair and beige hoody that he always wore. As they made their way back to a birthday party at a friend’s house, Angie tried to pull at his hoody. Alan was startled and flinched so much that he fell onto the ground. Alan maintains to this day that Angie was violently flirting with him.

Alan and Angie love doing absolutely everything together. Doing things by themselves feels out of place. They have travelled to Japan, Europe, interstate, and around Victoria. Angie is the more active one while Alan likes to be at home and sleep and watch TV and play games. They both could learn how to cook though and would like to thank their mums for supplying them food during the week.

For Alan and Angie’s 10-year anniversary, they were exploring Europe together. They happened to be in Paris on May 15 2015 which was their anniversary day, and thankfully Angie was feeling better after being sick during the start of their trip. Little did she know that Alan had smuggled an engagement ring along with them. The ring was always hidden in the chest pocket of Alan’s jacket and it was hard to carry the jacket around when it was hot. That day, they were exploring the Jewish grotto in Paris and enjoyed nice ice creams in the shape of flower petals. Alan needed to escape to do some final things for his intended proposal that night so he left Angie to explore after telling her he needed to check on their dinner plans at the Eiffel Tower.

Some time later, it started pouring and Alan ran back out with some extra clothes and an umbrella to find Angie because she was still recovering from her illness. Angie was running through shelters covering her head with a Zara booklet. In a Korean drama-esque moment, while she was darting from one shelter to the next, she was confused that suddenly she couldn’t feel the heavy rain falling onto her anymore. This was because when she looked up, she saw her lover standing over her patiently with the umbrella shielding her from the rain. It’s clear that Alan and Angie were just meant to find each other.

When the rain passed, they went to the Eiffel Tower. When they were on the Tower, Angie joked that Alan should pretend to propose – as in he should kneel down but tie his shoelace instead and she would take photo of it. Alan refused. After dinner, they continued through exploring the Tower. It was starting to get dark, and while Angie loves exploring and taking in scenery, Alan was in a rush to get down and out of the place because he had planned to propose in front of the park facing the Eiffel Tower when the lights were flashing at the beginning of the hour. Angie explored for too long so Alan missed his chance to propose at 10pm. They made their way down, and they were both grumpy while waiting for the 11pm lights that Alan insisted on waiting for.

At 11pm, the lights of the Tower were flashing and just as Angie was about to take a photo, Alan opened the ring box and shoved it in front of her lens. Angie did not notice the ring so she yelled at Alan for ruining her photo. Alan began to make a speech about how he had changed from a shy kid to become a borderline man (this is probably still questionable to some of us). Angie realised what was about to happen so she started to cry. When Alan asked Angie to marry him, she said yes. They enjoyed the rest of the trip as an engaged couple and returned to Melbourne to share their happy news with their loved ones.

Photo and Video: Salt Shaker Film

Makeup Artist: Tiffany Love

Hair Stylist: Pearly Hairstylist


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