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Ceremony: The Willows

Reception: Peninsula

March 2018

This love story began in 2012, at a fine establishment that I’m sure many of you are familiar with and very appropriately named for today’s purposes, Love Machine.

Over the next two years, Lucy and Colin developed a mutually beneficially business relationship. The turning point was probably this one night at another fine establishment - Alumbra - was unusually quiet, so Lucy and Colin passed the t...

#jacksaralovestory - An excerpt of their amazing wedding day from February 2017

Ceremony & Reception: Rippon Lea Estate

December 2016

Frances and John met on a lucky and auspicious January 31st in 2014, which was also Chinese New Year day. Frances was scheduled to meet her girlfriends for a dinner date. Out of the blue, the Maid of Honour and Sister, Justine, invited herself along to dinner at the last minute AND asked Frances, “Can I bring a friend?” Frances just assumed Justine’s friend was female – and was surprised to see...

Ceremony and Reception: Manningham Function Centre, Doncaster

November 2016

Jenny and Kai met in 2006 while studying at Monash University together. Their friend zoning continued as they graduated on the same day in 2008, and only saw each other at mutual gatherings at the Pharmacy Balls or Ondergronds birthdays. Then they started meeting up more. They upgraded from texts and Facebook Messenger to phone calls but Kai didn’t want to call her every ni...

Ceremony: Battery Point Community Hall, Tasmania Reception: Brooke Street Larder November 2016 ​​ It was a warm summer’s evening, one New Year’s Eve, when this tale of true love and romance began. Merryn and her friend Brooke were out and about in Sydney and celebrating.

Ceremony & Reception: Grand Hyatt Melbourne

November 2016

Yi-Wen and Jonathan met at the O’Brien Institute 4 years ago. In the beginning Jonathan was only a shadow underneath the clock in the molecular biology laboratory – meaning Yi-Wen never even really noticed him. Specifically, whenever she looked at the clock, he was just this shadow always standing there. This all changed one fateful day when Jonathan threw out her carefully placed culture sl...

Ceremony: Old Quadrangle, University of Melbourne

Reception: Persimmon (Garden Restaurant), National Gallery of Victoria

November 2015

Vivian and Kroll met through mutual friends at the beginning of university and despite moving in similar social circles, there was nothing noteworthy about their first few years of friendship. However, with a little suggestive nudging from mutual friends, some of whom are present  today, they started spending more ti...

Ceremony & Reception: Immigration Museum, Melbourne

April 2016

Xindi and Sebastian met in high school, at Mount Waverley Secondary College. They started hanging out in the latter half of year 12 in 2004, when they shared the same free periods at school. Despite, and in Xindi’s words, ‘Sebastian made it abundantly clear that he liked me’ (of which Sebastian quickly disagreed), Xindi was initially not interested due to being slightly traumatised by S...

Ceremony & Reception: Manor on High, Epping

October 2016

This tale of love and romance began in April 2013 – at a snowboarding/music festival in Austria. A street party was raging that night. Angie was wearing a masquerade mask and a green tutu. Cuong had just finished a breakdance routine wearing snow boots and a beanie. Sadly, Angie missed the breakdancing but that didn’t stop her from noticing and approaching Cuong, holding out her beer to him a...

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