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Vincent & Sidney Civil Ceremony

Ceremony & Reception Venue: Quat Quatta

December 2018

Vincent and Sidney’s love story began 7 years ago at a party where this beautiful bride spotted the groom showing his fantastic dance moves. Sidney thought Vincent’s dancing was so good that she walked up to him and paid him that compliment.

They met up in the city the next day in between Sidney’s classes. They had a coffee and chatted about Vincent’s childhood and Sidney’s life in Australia which Vincent was very interested in because Sidney had already lived here for 5 years but at that time, Vincent had only just arrived.

Vincent and Sidney bonded and connected right away. From this point, they naturally fell into a loving and happy relationship. When they both received their PR, it felt like the best day ever (until today, of course!). Sidney and Vincent had previously discussed their love of animals but didn’t want to risk getting a pet without a permanent home because there was some uncertainty about the PR process. However, they were able to celebrate and cemented their happiness by getting a beautiful chocolate Labrador named Loki (word on the street is that he might make an appearance today!). They were excited to find out that Loki shares the same birthday as Vincent, and also shares the same Chinese animal zodiac sign too – it really is meant to be.

Vincent and Sidney had spoken about getting married during their years together – it was always their goal but both were comfortable without having to set a time. Before their 6 year anniversary, Vincent put together a plan to surprise Sidney with his proposal. First he called both her parents to obtain their approvals and Sidney’s mum and dad were so happy and excited.

Vincent was with his cousin and Sidney at Chadstone one day but to distract Sidney, he pretended he had a stomachache so he disappeared for a while. What he was really doing was going to the jewellery store to complete the paperwork for the engagement ring he had chosen. He was so careful with his planning that Sidney had no idea and she usually knows what he is up to.

On the day of the proposal, he got all their close friends involved. They went to eat Japanese buffet then went to a friend’s house to play mah-jong. Vincent pretended to receive a phone call with an urgent request to fix someone’s car and promptly left, leaving Sidney to make her own way home.

Vincent rushed to their house to set up a beautiful aisle of candles, rose petals positioned in heart shapes, helium balloons and even had time to dress their dog Loki up in a tux. Vincent also put on his own tux and waited, along with a few close friends and family, for Sidney to come home.

On August 20 2017, Sidney arrived home to find this handsome groom and their dog in tuxes, with Vincent down on one knee. He asked Sidney to marry him but before he could finish the rest of his carefully planned speech about wanting to take care of her, Sidney excitedly said, ‘Yes, yes, yes!’


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