Lucy & Colin Civil Ceremony

Ceremony: The Willows

Reception: Peninsula

March 2018

This love story began in 2012, at a fine establishment that I’m sure many of you are familiar with and very appropriately named for today’s purposes, Love Machine.

Over the next two years, Lucy and Colin developed a mutually beneficially business relationship. The turning point was probably this one night at another fine establishment - Alumbra - was unusually quiet, so Lucy and Colin passed the time that night by playing charades.

Colin and Lucy wanted to get to know each other more so they saw each other for a few months then Lucy went to travelling in Europe. When she came back, Colin picked her up and took her to dinner that night on November 4. After the dinner, Colin officially asked Lucy out and she said yes. Although they changed their official anniversary day to November 5 because the number 4 is unlucky.

This lovely couple enjoy exercising and snowboarding. They also like to travel, and have since journeyed to the US, China, New Caledonia and interstate together.

So, what do Lucy and Colin think about each other? Lucy finds Colin humourous in his own special way. He is great at small talk even though he goes off on tangents a lot. Lucy is appreciative of Colin’s calming and reassuring presence. He is good at making her feel secure and supported. When Lucy has a hard day at work, Colin encourages her to gym so endorphins from exercise can make her feel better. Lucy truly believes that Colin brings out the best in her.

Colin finds Lucy to be very caring, and she consistently motivates him to be more domestic and achieve great career goals. Where Colin is more of a big picture person, Lucy is very detailed and notices all the small things. Lucy is also very observant and can always tell if something is on his mind or if something is a bit off. Before Colin met Lucy, he didn’t like doing new things and hated travel. Being with Lucy taught him to push the boundaries and now Colin is more open-minded and keen to challenge himself. He used to be petrified of flying but now enjoys travelling with his love and sharing their mutual travel bug.

Colin knew he wanted to marry Lucy in the first year of their relationship. Therefore, he spent half a year planning for his proposal for their 2 year anniversary. Colin picked New Caledonia to propose because it was close, a little obscure and it’s technically a French colony so he can boast to everyone that he took her to France. They flew to New Caledonia and travelled to a secluded island with a population of 30 people.

On the morning of 5 November 2016, Colin suggested paddle boating to a remote beach. Colin had organised the hotel staff to arrange rose petals to read, ‘Will you marry me’ on the sand. They paddled together for about 40 minutes, disembarked and walked through some bushes to reach the beach. Lucy spotted the beautifully arranged rose petals and became overwhelmed with happiness. With some loving words he prepared, this Romeo proposed and Lucy tearfully said yes. They stayed there to enjoy the moment for a while before paddling back to the resort to access Wifi to spread their happy news.


Photography: Will Chao @

Videography: Aldin Ortinez @


Bride Hair & Makeup: Jane Truong @

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