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Jennie & Harris Civil Ceremony

April 2022

The bride and groom first met 10 years ago, at a mutual friend’s 21st birthday party.

Their mutual friend played matchmaker when it was found that there was a mutual attraction between Jennie and Harris.

Harris bought Jennie’s engagement ring a whole year before he proposed and left it at his parents’ house so there was no chance of Jennie finding it! Harris’ sister had helped him with choosing the ring – he made many secret phone calls with another female and Jennie was oblivious to it all. Harris had made many different proposal plans in 2020 but covid and lockdowns kept getting in the way. When lockdown finally lifted in December 2020, a beach weekend was organised with some of their good friends. They generally play games together in a Running Man format. Harris planned this game where they were blindfolded and had to look for an item on the beach. When it was Jennie’s turn to be blindfolded, he put the ring box directly in front of Jennie so she wouldn’t miss it. Jennie touched it and Harris was like oh you found it!

Jennie was very competitive and thought that Harris, being on the opposite team, was messing up her game. So, while she was still blindfolded Jennie said what the hell and threw the box away! Harris yelled, no wait! And quickly went to retrieve it. He placed the ring box in her hands and assured her she had found the item and asked her to remove her blindfold. Jennie saw the ring box and cried while Harris was on one knee asking her to marry him. Jennie responded with REALLY?!


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