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Cherry & Hanson Civil Ceremony

November 2021

The serendipitous event that occurred just over 10 years ago to lead us to this special occasion, was a university open day. The bride and groom were young, bright-eyed, eager Year 11 high school students, eager to have a glimpse into what their future would look like.

Cherry and Hanson met that day through mutual friends. Their first date was watching Despicable Me at the cinema. After that, they met up once a week at Box Hill to spend time together. They naturally fell into a relationship and despite them living far enough from each other that many long hours on buses and trains were required, spending that one hour a week together was worth it for their blossoming love story.

In 2018, for Cherry’s birthday, Hanson masqueraded his proposal to her as a backyard birthday picnic. During the picnic, Hanson played a video he made for Cherry that had a romantic song overlaid – showing her pictures of their relationship journey, along with some travel videos. When the video finished playing, Hanson pulled the ring out from under the rug, swivelled around on one knee, and asked Cherry to marry him.


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