Annie & Ken Civil Ceremony

Venue: Metropolis Events, Southbank

October 2019

It was the year 2009, yes, a decade ago, when the bride and groom first laid eyes on each other. At a bus stop. Annie and Ken were both first year Biomedical Science students at Melbourne Uni and were living with their parents in Doncaster. Their houses were only 2 streets away from each other.

They were catching the same bus but it took one week for Ken to muster up the courage to talk to Annie. They found out they were headed to the same lecture theatre and were actually studying the same course. As they got to know each other, Annie thought Ken was smart and hardworking. Book smart but nothing else smart with his lame jokes. Conversely, Ken found Annie to be intelligent, friendly and nice.

Annie and Ken’s friendship solidified, and they were in the same friendship group at uni so would often go out together. Over the next few years, they became very good friends. It wasn’t until first year of med school that they developed their romantic feelings toward each other. One night, Ken asked Annie out to the Pancake Parlour in Doncaster for dessert. Bridesmaid Lydia invited herself along because she had a feeling that Ken would ask Annie out that night and thought it would be funny. Ken hid his disappointment at seeing Lydia there but graciously took them both home after. He went home himself then walked the two streets over to Annie’s house. Ken was determined to ask her out that night because he had already invested in his buy one get one free short stack voucher and needed to get the most out of his investment. When Ken was outside, he called Annie and informed her that he was outside and asked her to come downstairs.

When Annie met Ken outside her house, Ken asked Annie to be his girlfriend. Annie’s response was, ‘I’ll think about it,’ because she didn’t want to ruin the friendship. Lydia called Annie to discuss the pros and cons of dating. The pros won and Annie texted Ken in the wee hours of the morning – yes, she would be his girlfriend, and that has been the case since 2012.

When this amazing couple aren’t taking care of the sick or saving lives, they enjoy chilling, watching movies and going on road trips. They spend time with their awesome friendship group. One of their favourite trips was going to Japan together and eating their body weight’s worth of sushi and sashimi. They have also travelled to Hong Kong, China and Europe together, and are excited about their impending honeymoon in Greece. Food is very important to them and they are always trying out different restaurants.

In 2016, it was their 5 year anniversary and Ken wanted to celebrate with a Yarra Valley trip and a lifechanging proposal. Ken asked Annie’s parents for their blessing and sought their advice for choosing a ring. Ken put together a photo album, displaying pictures that documented their highlights. Ken put some effort into food preparation and managed to make a nice cheeseboard for their dinner. Annie looked through the album and became increasingly teary so she finished going through the album quickly. Too quickly that she missed the last photo. Ken asked Annie to look through the photo album again then she noticed the final photo was of a ring.

Ken knelt down on one knee – and with the same utter confidence he displayed when asking Annie to be his girlfriend five years ago, he asked Annie, ‘Will you marry me?’ Annie wasn’t entirely sure what he was asking because she was crying with tears of joy and Ken was mumbling but she did say yes straight away this time.


Venue: Metropolis Events




DJ: Memory Box Photobooth & DJ

Cake: Raymond Tan


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