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Vivian & Kroll Civil Ceremony

Ceremony: Old Quadrangle, University of Melbourne

Reception: Persimmon (Garden Restaurant), National Gallery of Victoria

November 2015

Vivian and Kroll met through mutual friends at the beginning of university and despite moving in similar social circles, there was nothing noteworthy about their first few years of friendship. However, with a little suggestive nudging from mutual friends, some of whom are present today, they started spending more time together and getting to know one another over the many hours spent studying for exams. A relationship soon grew over late nights at the library, romantic dinners at Rice Bar and many a can of Red Bull.

After university, they embraced their mutual love of travel and food. First there was Hawaii, then came roving (and expanding their waistlines) across Europe, the rest of the US, and Asia. These trips uncovered many character traits between the two - for example, Kroll’s poor sense of direction and Vivian’s appetite for shopping. However the true strength of their relationship always prevailed - as getting lost led to new adventures, and shopping dramatically improved Kroll’s style.

Before moving in together, Kroll took the opportunity to put the wheels in motion around a proposal plan. Knowing how attentive and sharp Vivian can be, he had to be extra careful sneaking around, and with the help of yours truly, he put a ring on it.

On an unassuming June evening last year, Vivian arrived home from work to find a satin ribbon peeking out from beneath the front door. Opening the door, she found the ribbon surrounded by rose petals, and a candle lit path that led to a large box in the lounge room. Within the large box nested 9 smaller boxes, each containing a treasured memory from their relationship.

Vivian finally made it to the final and smallest box, and opened it slowly and breathlessly to find…. nothing. However, Kroll, who had been hiding in the next room, approached her on bended knee and proposed, to which Viv responded tearfully… yes.

I have personally enjoyed one of my favourite friendships with Vivian for over 10 years, and feel exceptionally privileged to have witnessed firsthand Kroll and Vivian’s devotion to each other for the years they have enjoyed an inspiring, wonderful and loving relationship together. These two are undoubtedly one of the most well matched couples I know - who bring out the best in each other, and truly define what soul mates are.

Photography by Stewart Leishman


Photography: Stewart Leishman @

Videography: C2 Films @

Makeup: Nanette Hair & Makeup Artist @

Florist: PAPS Vertical Gardens @

Caterer: Peter Rowland Catering @

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