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Xindi & Sebastian Civil Ceremony

Ceremony & Reception: Immigration Museum, Melbourne

April 2016

Xindi and Sebastian met in high school, at Mount Waverley Secondary College. They started hanging out in the latter half of year 12 in 2004, when they shared the same free periods at school. Despite, and in Xindi’s words, ‘Sebastian made it abundantly clear that he liked me’ (of which Sebastian quickly disagreed), Xindi was initially not interested due to being slightly traumatised by Sebastian’s leopard print hairstyle in Year 11. Specifically, his hair was littered with random spots of blonde. However she relented and together they bonded over Initial D – a popular Japanese anime about cars.

Photography: Weddings by Oscar Bravo

When and how did the relationship begin? 11 years ago today, a friend asked them, “Are you two dating?”, whilst Xindi and Sebastian were walking together and holding hands. True to his nature and his current profession today, Sebastian asked Xindi, “Um, do you have any objections with that?” Xindi said “No.” Sebastian confirmed the official beginning of their relationship with “Ok, then.” Sebastian’s feelings and happiness in dating Xindi was so palpable that his mother just knew when it became official – she took one look at Sebastian and said – “You’re dating that Xindi girl, aren’t you?”

When I asked what this lovely couple’s hobbies are – they responded instantaneously and simultaneously with ‘bickering’. When they take a break from bickering, they enjoy socialising with friends at house parties, going for long drives in the Dandenongs and listen to Sebastian-influenced style of music.

Approximately 7 years into the relationship, Sebastian understood that Xindi was to be his wife. He enlisted in the help of his brother Theodore to purchase the ring circa June-July 2012, and worked out a proposal plan for their family trip to Paris.

The first morning they were all in Paris together, Sebastian suggested to Xindi they take a morning stroll together. They walked along the street until they reached the first quiet little park they saw. Whilst in the park, Xindi turned around and saw Sebastian down on one knee. “Will you marry me?” He asked. “Is this a joke?” Xindi exclaimed. “No,” responded Sebastian. Xindi was genuinely shocked but of course tearfully accepted. This heartfelt proposal was witnessed by a random French man who gave Sebastian thumbs up for a job well done. Hand in hand, Xindi and Sebastian walked back to the hotel with their family waiting to celebrate with a bottle of champagne ready.


Photography: Weddings by Oscar Bravo

Videography: Lensure Video Production @

Makeup: Miss Aimmey @

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