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Angela & Cuong Civil Ceremony

Ceremony & Reception: Manor on High, Epping

October 2016

This tale of love and romance began in April 2013 – at a snowboarding/music festival in Austria. A street party was raging that night. Angie was wearing a masquerade mask and a green tutu. Cuong had just finished a breakdance routine wearing snow boots and a beanie. Sadly, Angie missed the breakdancing but that didn’t stop her from noticing and approaching Cuong, holding out her beer to him and greeting him with it. That night they danced for 3 hours, but Cuong wouldn’t let Angie take the beanie off because he had beanie hair.

They discovered that they were both working in London at the time, so Angie informed Cuong that he would be taking her on a date (and of course Cuong was rejoicing inside, because he just thought Angie was gorgeous). They agreed to exchange numbers, and Cuong didn’t trust Angie to put her number in his phone. He was right because he texted that night and it ended up being the wrong number. Cuong and best man Sav, desperately formulated strategies on how to get the right number and it started off with substituting the last number with a different one and working that way progressively. They were unsuccessful so it was very lucky that Angie was able to text Cuong 2 days later when she was back in London. A first date was organised at a Korean BBQ where Cuong ate everything and Angie only had a glass of wine because she was too nervous to eat. She remarked that Cuong was really open and honest, and told her way too much information for a first date. But they both had a lot of fun, and Cuong started inviting her out to everything.

The thing they enjoy doing most together is sleeping – they say there is nothing better than a nap. They also enjoy snowboarding, travelling and hanging out with their friends and loved ones.

Cuong knew before they both returned to Melbourne in January 2015 that it was time to propose. He found it quite hard, as Ange is the accountant so is in charge of the budget therefore whatever Cuong spent, she would see and know in an instant. So he managed to obtain some money without her knowing. He also told her, that as she is an accountant and loves bargains, that a friend’s entertainment book with a 5 star winery voucher for a weekend stay was going to expire soon so they should take a trip.

So after spending the day out and about at the winery on their romantic weekend getaway, Cuong set up a camera in the balcony to record the happy memory. He called Angie to come out to the balcony, and he proposed. Angie said yes – all the while laughing together.

**All Photographs here were taken by Clarte Photography


Photography: Dawei Ye - Clarte Photography @

Videography: Frank & Chloe Wedding Film @

Makeup & Hair: Yen Loves Hair & Make Up @

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